Couture vs. Ready-to-Wear: Understanding High Fashion

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Couture vs. Ready-to-Wear: Understanding High Fashion

Modern-day fashion terminology often includes and accentuates the terms “couture” and “ready-to-wear.” For regular fashion lovers, these terms might not sound any different and just represent the point and partial definition of high fashion

But there is more to the meaning of these terms than just connecting them to the runway collections of high-end fashion designers. And it has to do with one significant fashion and environmental topic – sustainability. 

Let’s take it off the rack and see how these terms fit. 

  • The world of high fashion

  • Exclusivity, luxury, and attention to detail are the three main pillars of high fashion.

    At its core, the world of high fashion is a special form of art that perfectly blends and combines several industries, such as fashion, design, and craftsmanship. 

    Through the creativity and skills of the artisans, the use of fine materials, and special techniques, high fashion today is pushing the boundaries and the challenges of the modern world. 

  • Couture: the pinnacle of fashion design

  • Couture, also known as “Haute couture,” has been around since the 19th century and translates into “high fashion” or “high sewing.” 

    In the luxurious fashion department, couture is the epitome of custom-made fashion garments, representing the highest and most unique level of craftsmanship, fashion exclusivity, and luxury. 

    And with “high sewing,” we more often than not see a “high price tag” for the final product. 

  • Ready-to-wear: high fashion for everyday

  • Contrary to couture fashion, ready-to-wear fashion is fashion produced in standard sizes, not custom-made, and more affordable to the wide fashion masses and consumers. 

    It stands for accessibility and standardization in fashion, where the products are produced in various sizes. 

    Not as exclusive as couture fashion, ready-to-wear is considered high fashion for everyday life. 

  • Couture vs. Ready-to-wear: A closer look

  • With the constantly growing pollution, the sustainability need, and no-waste fashion choices, couture and ready-to-fashion mainly differ on customization, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. 

    With the limited production run and made-to-measure approach, couture fashion stands above the mass production of ready-to-wear, non-exclusive, affordable fashion. 

  • Accessibility and affordability

  • As one of the truest forms of luxury fashion, couture fashion is highly priced and affordable only to certain customers. These prices are high due to the time used and spent to create the final products and the choice of materials, exclusivity, and, again, the craftsmanship. 

    The more accessible high fashion is the ready-to-wear products, coming in a more affordable price range and reflecting a more streamlined production process. 

  • Trending styles and timeless elegance

  • Although both fashion directions stand for quality at the highest level and promote sustainability, couture fashion rises above ready-to-wear fashion. 

    Couture offers product choices that captivate with timeless elegance, luxury, and sophistication. 

    On the other hand, ready-to-wear fashion more subtly follows the trending styles, offering various choices for mass fashion lovers. 

  • Making sustainable choices in high fashion

  • Making sustainable choices in high fashion includes: 

    • using sustainable and high-end materials, 
    • promoting timeless design, 
    • local sourcing, production and sale, and 
    • many other points that emphasize the height of this type of fashion. 

    Leading the way in this fashion change is Karla Hanson Designs. 

    The fashion brand’s commitment to sustainability is best represented through the most unique selection of fine jewelry and fashionable yet functional accessories. 

    Combining design quality with affordable prices, Karla Hanson’s products support and call for the sustainable high fashion revolution. 

    What item will you add to your wardrobe next? Let’s find out! 

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